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Up-N-Up Stand Alone Recap

Zane Kamaka v. David “Bubba” Kaahanui

Zane Kamaka was able to retain his welterweight title and belt after defeating David “Bubba” Kaahanui, who trained up on the island of Kauai, at Up N Up’s “Stand Alone” MMA event at the Waikiki Shell.

When the bell sounded at the beginning of round one, both fights let their hands go, and it was obvious that Kamaka had a reach advantage.  But, Kaahanui made contact with his knee both to Kamaka’s face then chest.

Around the two-minute mark, fans were disappointed when Kaahanui got poked in the eye and ref Walter Hao didn’t stop the fight.

“Brah, it’s on now … now I get the chance and now you get the belt, so that’s just a bonus for me,” Kaahanui said in an interview before the weigh-ins at the Hawaii Country Club in Kunia on Oct. 14.  However, the welterweight belt remains in the hands of Kamaka.


Johnovan Vistante v. Nate Quinola

Props to Johnovan Vistante and Nate Quinola for putting on a great show for the lightweight championship, taking it to five full rounds.  Throughout the rounds Vistante consistently made contact with his high and low kicks, and Quinola kept going for the take downs (but didn’t succeed). Vistante, who has a background in boxing, wanted to keep it a stand-up match, and his stand-up was no match for Quinola, who seemed to be more comfortable on the ground.

The start of round two had Quinola in a different place. His punches landed, but his take down attempts were still futile.  During round three, Quinola’s endurance was fleeting, but Vistante still had a lot of fight in him.  In round four Quinola completed a successful take down and remained dominant as his punches made solid contact with the back of Vistante’s head.

Vistante defeated Quinola by unanimous decision (49-46, all), and the lightweight championship belt changed owners.  Although a great victory, Vistante thanked not only his fans, but Quinola’s fans as well.  “We need fans like you to keep MMA alive,” Vistante said.


Tyler Kahihikolo v. Elijah Manners

Oahu met Maui in the battle for the featherweight championship, and Maui came out victorius.  Tyler Kahihikolo of Wailua Boxing defeated reigning champ Elijah Manners of Untamed Kicking Alliance by decision.

Round one was packed with action at Kahihikolo almost got Manners in a rear-naked choke, but Manners was able to escape and end up on top, delivering punches until the bell sounded to end the round.

The second round consisted of more stand-up game, but at the end of the round Kahihikolo once again almost succeeded in getting Manners into a submission hold, this time by reverse triangle.  But like before, Manners was able to squeeze out of it.  In round three, Kahihikolo let his hands and legs go, and Manner’s mouthpiece went fling across the cage floor.  While Manners was going for take downs, Kahihikolo was delivering punches that landed with force.

Maui went home victorious with the featherweight championship belt. “This is what I live for right here,” Kahihikolo said as he pointed to his mom standing at his right hand side.


Ilima Maiava v. Bradley Arakaki

Many in the audience thought this was one of the most uneven matches of the night, but all gave props to Arakaki’s willingness to give his all and put himself out there for the 205-pounds match.

Arakaki proved light on his feet as he delivered a couple strong kicks that resonated through the area, but Maiava had a reach that far-surpassed Arakaki’s kicks.  Less than one minute into the first round, Maiava knocked Arakaki against the cage and onto the ground and delivered punches that made ref Hao jump in to stop the fight.


TJ Kuahine Jr. v. Joseph Enaena

Just like the Maiava v. Arakaki fight, the bout between TJ Kuahine Jr. and Joseph Enaena ended shortly into the first round by TKO (punches).  In the beginning of round one, Kauhine side-kicked Enaena on his left leg and made him fall onto the floor and scramble up to defend himself.

Enaena took the match down to the ground, and attempted to get Kuahine into an arm lock, but Kuahine turned the tables and flipped himself on the top.  Kuahine’s right hooks to Enaena’s face were enough to make ref Hao call a stop to the match.


Tillis Sionesini v. Leon Klee

One of the greatest tap-outs of the night was during the fight between Tillis Sionesini  of Team Up N Up and Leon Klee, a freelance fighter.  Round one was a tough one for Sionesini as Klee knocked him around the cage.  Sionesini seemed unfocused for the majority of round one as he took Klee down because within seconds after the take down, Klee ended up on top and gave Sionesini the beating of his life.

However, the tides turned in round two as Sionesini has a different look in his eye – he wanted to win, and he did just that.  Klee started off the round well as he mounted Sionesini and provided the same beating as the one at the end of round one.  But, the second time Klee took Sionesini down, a new fighter from Team Up N Up emerged, and Sionesini made Klee tap out almost immediately.





135 lbs. – Chris Miyose def. Kaylen Stafford

165 lbs. – Dead Bird def. JDB by read-naked choke in round three

150 lbs. – Jonah Visante def. Alan Young Jr. in round 1

145 lbs. – Lia Mataafa (Ultimate Fight School) def. Tiare Kahoekapu by arm bar in round 2

165 lbs. – Shandon Augustus (Untamed Kickboxing Alliance) def. Nainoa Suratt by submission in round 2

185 lbs. – Jesse Ware def. Jesse Lindley (Team Extreme) in the first 1:30 of round 1

SHW – Bryson Pang (Team Up N Up) def. Alvin Kanehailua (Hawaii Fighters Alliance) by decision

HW – Doug Hiu def. Ben Boyce by submission in round 1


Main Cards:

185 lbs. – Tillis Sionesini (Team Up N Up) def. Leon Klee (freelance) by tap out in round 2

155 lbs. – TJ Kuahine Jr. (Team Alpha Male) def. Joseph Enaena (Legacy Combat) by TKO (punches) in round 1

205 lbs. – Ilima Maiava (808 Top Team) def. Bradley Arakaki (Team Up N Up) by TKO (punches) in round 1

145 lbs. Featherweight Championship – Tyler Kahihikolo (Wailuku Boxing) def. Elijah Manners (Untamed Kickboxing Alliance) by decision

155 lbs. Lightweight Championship – Johnovan Vistante (Team Sit You Down) def. Nate Quinola by unanimous decision (49-46, all)

170 lbs. – Zane Kamaka def. David Bubba Kaahanui by TKO (punches) in round 1


Recap provided my Oahu Correspondent Nicole Kato.


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