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Samoa MMA Get’s MMA Cage for up coming Event

October 2011
Samoa MMA to get its first MMA Fight Cage!
October 23, 2011
By Administrator
Thanks to BOOYAA Pitman, Tony Feist, and Mr Julian Keeling of Consolidators Incorporated International, and Head Coach Deutsch Pu’u of Samoa MMA, American Samoa’s very own MMA fight club will be getting its first MMA Fight Cage donated to the potential MMA fighters of the islands!

Donated by BOOYAA Pitman, Tony Feist, and Mr Julian Keeling of Consolidators Incorporated International and BOOYAA Fight gear
The second ever Mixed Martial Arts fight night in American Samoa headed by Samoa MMA happens December 10th, 2011! The venue will most likely be Maliu Mai’s Beach resort owned by Mr. Mapu Jamias. It’s an event you won’t want to miss, the MMA fighting talent of the locals should be a sight to behold. Those who are interested in being part of this event or fighting in the cage can contact Samoa MMA coach Junior Soliai at (684) 258-8398 for more information! See you there. More videos and pics available soon!

2 Responses to “Samoa MMA Get’s MMA Cage for up coming Event”

  1. Deutsch puu says:

    Thanks braddah Yates for posting this! Finally Samoa is moving MMA in the direction that our brother islands Hawaii and Guam are already in. I’m so glad to see my dreams become a reality! Thanks to my brothers at CII! This particular cage has deep meaning to it, it has hosted some of the greatest fighters in the world!


  1. Is Samoa ready for MMA? - Sherdog Mixed Martial Arts Forums says:

    [...] now we have a cage that we will be shipping down this week so they have a goal to work towards. Samoa MMA Get’s MMA Cage for up coming Event|MMAABSOLUTE.COM __________________ So-Cal KOTC [...]

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