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Chris Cisneros Blogs from Oklahoma

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  1. Tim O'Connor says:

    Good evening! My name is Tim O’Connor, along with Brian Gillespie, I run The Combat Sports Agency in Boston, Massachusetts where we represent Chris “The Maverick” Cisneros. I just wanted to say how impressed Brian and I are with Chris and how proud of him we are. Chris stepped up on 3 weeks notice to take this fight with one of Jeremy Horn’s top students, Koffi Adzitso, and did so knowing he had to jump through a lot of medical “hoops” to have the New Jersey Athletic Control Board lift a medical suspension levied against him after his Bellator FC bout with “Killa B” Ben Saunders.

    Chris then had to board a plan from Hilo, Hawaii bound for L.A. at 9pm Wednesday night, fly over night, and with the time difference spend 18 hours in transit. Through it all Chris never said one word of complaint, he only spoke of how good he felt and how happy he was to be fighting…he’s an amazing guy!

    We’d like to thank Chris, Rudy Valentino (who traveled even longer!), MMA Absolute, all of Chris’ sponsors, all of Chris’ fans, and the proud people of Hawaii for showing us “Mainlander’s” what the fighting spirit truly looks like…thank you so much!