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Boxing Legend Hector Camacho Shot In Puerto Rico


Hector Camacho, the flamboyant and often volatile former three-division world champion, was shot in the jaw in Bayamon, Puerto Rico while riding as a passenger in a car on Tuesday night and is listed in critical condition at Centro Medico in San Juan. The driver of the car was fatally shot.

Bayamon Police are investigating the incident and have one suspect in custody, according to reports in the newspaper Primera Hora.

According to the medical director of the hospital, Camacho was struck once in the left jaw and the bullet traveled down his neck and lodged in his right shoulder. Along the way the bullet fractured his 5th and 6th cervical vertebrae and Camacho lost so much blood that he needed a transfusion. There was no mention of paralysis and doctors could not determine whether he had been struck by a second bullet.

The 50-year-old Camacho was born in Bayamon, Puerto Rico but his family moved to Spanish Harlem when he was a child. Camacho was a troubled teenager, but took to boxing. He was a three-time New York Daily News Golden Gloves champion.

Camacho won his first world title when he defeated Rafael “Bazooka’’ Limon for the vacant lightweight title in Puerto Rico. After dropping Limon in the first and third rounds, Camacho scored a TKO victory in the fifth.

His fight against Edwin Rosario at Madison Square Garden altered Camacho’s style for the rest of his career. It was a tough fight where Rosario pounded Camacho, who held on for a split decision. After that Camacho became more of a defense-first fighter who avoided engaging in the kind of punishing back-and-forth tactics as he had deployed against Rosario.

One of Camacho’s signature matches came against Julio Cesar Chavez in Las Vegas in 1992. Both men were undefeated champions and they came into the ring with a combined record of 81-0. Camacho failed to engage Chavez and his continuous retreating helped Chavez score a unanimous decision.

Perhaps Camacho will be known most for sending Sugar Ray Leonard into retirement. Leonard hadn’t fought in six years and was making his third comeback attempt when he met Camacho in 1997. Camacho knocked out Leonard in the fifth round. That was his last real ring hurrah as his life slipped into a series of misadventures and run ins with the law.

Camacho’s son, Hector, Jr., followed his father into boxing. But he never had the acclaim as his father.

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HBO 24/7 Road to Pacquiao Vs Bradley Episode 1

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Julio Chavez Jr He didnt knock me out, I made him eat his word’s”

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Floyd Mayweather Vs Miguel Cotto

In news that directly impacts the UFC, Floyd Mayweather will be fighting Miguel Cotto in Las Vegas on May 5. The news came during Floyd’s licensing hearing with the Nevada State Athletic Commission today, ending speculation about who Mayweather would fight after the idea of a bout with Manny Pacquiao was shot down yet again.

While Mayweather was calling out Pacquiao, Top Rank said Manny wouldn’t be ready by May 5 due to a cut suffered in the Juan Manuel Marquez fight last November while Floyd is locked into the date due to the terms of his delayed jail sentence.

The UFC is holding their third effort on the Fox network that same night and I imagine the plan will be to play up the “our fights will be done before Floyd and Miguel enter the ring” angle as they did for the first Fox show, which was the same night as Marquez vs. Pacquiao.

I don’t know if they’ll find the same success this time around given the dip in ratings for the second Fox effort but it will be interesting to see if the idea of piggybacking on big boxing dates continues to pay off for the UFC. And, make no mistake, this was a planned move. Mayweather had May 5 locked up before the UFC announced the date and it is traditionally a major boxing weekend.

I do think we can count on some juicier quotes from Floyd on the UFC trying to steal some of his thunder than we got from Arum and Pacquiao last time around.

Story from Brent Brookhouse

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Floyd Mayweather put’s down MMA,& Prove’s once again why he would not make it in MMA

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Floyd Mayweather Challenges Manny Pacquiao

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Andre Ward talk’s about beating Carl Froch and what’s next

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Floyd Mayweather off to Jail for 90 days

Boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. was sentenced Wednesday to 90 days in jail after pleading guilty to reduced battery domestic violence and harassment charges before a Las Vegas judge.
The 34-year-old Mayweather also was ordered to complete 100 hours of community service and pay a $2,500 fine.
The plea deal avoids trial on felony allegations that he hit his ex-girlfriend and threatened two of their children during an argument at her home in September 2010.
Prosecutor Lisa Luzaich told Las Vegas Justice of the Peace Melissa Saragosa that Mayweather has been in trouble before and hasn’t been punished.
“He just continually gets himself into trouble and he is able to get himself out of it as well,” she said. “Essentially it is because he is who he is and is able to get away with everything.”
“The only thing that’s going to get this man’s attention is incarceration,” the prosecutor said.
Mayweather stood still in a striped olive vest and made no reaction when the judge imposed the sentence. He was told to report to jail on Jan. 6.

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Victor Ortiz “I was trying to break his nose” about Floyd Mayweather

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