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Pati Faavae talk’s about his Super Heavyweight Title Fight against Kimo Louis

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Dylan Rush talk’s about his last fight and what’s next for him

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Ashton Castro talk’s about his UIC 6 Bout right here in Hilo

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Hawaii fighter Dominic Ah Nee talk’s about life as a Firefighter in Afghanistan

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ProElite hold’s another succesfull event in Hawaii


ProElite’s Hawaii Fights Deliver Shining Moments
for The New Wave of Fighters

HONOLULU, HI (January 21, 2012) – ProElite (PK:PELE) held another successful event in the beautiful state of Hawaii as Kendall “Da Spyder” Grove (14-9) dominated all three rounds in his main event tilt with Japanese MMA legend Ikuhisa “Minowaman” Minowa (51-33-8). With effective stand up and picture perfect back control, Grove took the score 30-27 on all three judges’ score cards. “I put my own pressure on myself. Minowa has very dangerous leg locks and I know if I gave him the opportunity, he would have broken my leg.” Grove said about going the distance in his bout.

In the co main event of the evening, Sara McMann (5-0) continued her dominance in the 135 pound women’s weight class with her unanimous decision over #5 ranked Hitomi “Girlfight Monster” Akano (18-9). McMann used her extensive wrestling pedigree to complete some cage shaking slams throughout the bout. Sara addressed what she wants next by saying “I won’t call out individuals in my class because I want everyone in it. I want to fight the best.” With this win you can certainly expect Sara to be ranked well above the #9 spot she held before this fight.

The semifinals of the heavyweight Grand Prix saw two men emerge from their bouts who cannot wait to square off in the final. First Ryan Martinez (7-1) used solid kicks to welt the ribcage and thighs of Cody Griffin (5-3) on his way to a unanimous decision. On the other side of the bracket, Richard “The Black Eagle” Odoms (7-0) overcame a tough first round that saw him get slammed to the canvas and controlled on the ground by Jake Heun (2-2). In the second round Odoms took over the fight and ended it with a rear naked choke at 1:56 of the second round.

The card started off with two great opening round finishes. In the first bout of the night Brent Schermerhorn (5-1) showed off the dynamite he contains in his hands by blasting B.J Penn trained fighter Kaleo Gambill (1-1) with a left hook that put him to sleep at 45 seconds of the very first round. After the victory Schermerhorn said “That’s what happens when I put my hands on someone, they go to sleep.” The second bout of the card showcased wrestling standout Pat Cummins (2-0), who submitted a very game Tasi “The Tyrant” Edwards (2-1) with an arm triangle at 4:01 of round one.

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Ashton Castro vs Varaha Mims Full Fight

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Louis “Da Hawaiian Dragon” Pauole talk’s about his win at the Just Scrap event

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Kira “Heavy Hand’s” DeMorales talk’s about fighting in the Hawaii Tough Wahine Event

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Mad Skills & Hawaii Fight Girl’s Recap from Nicole Kato


By NICOLE KATO of Hawaii Fight Scene


Destiny Entertainment, LLC put on a night of MMA bouts featuring Mad Skillz and Fight Girls Hawaii Friday, Jan. 13 at Soho Mixed Media Bar with action starting at 7:30 p.m. Special guests Brandon “The Truth” Vera and Kerry Vera were present and were at The Clubhouse in Honolulu Jan. 14 signing autographs.The main women’s event between Vee Vickers and Bryanna Fissori was not able to happen, but Fissori did win the belt.


Matches consisted of kickboxing (three 2-minute rounds), Mad Skillz bouts and pankration (three 2-minute rounds). In pankration fights there is no striking allowed on the ground. The first round of the Mad Skillz bouts allowed kickboxing for one minute,  the second round lasted one and a half minutes and allowed kickboxing with take downs, and the third round lasted two minutes and consisted of grappling and submissions.



Leon Klee showed his stand-up skills with his fast, sharp kicks in round one and was even able to get Ian Dela Cruz on the mat during the last pankration fight of the night. Klee was also able to maintain control of the match during the entirety of round two. However, in round three, Dela Cruz answered back with a take down of his own that left Klee disappointed when the bell sounded at the end of round three. Klee defeated Dela Cruz by unanimous decision.



Tony Rodrigues was able to defeat Jai Troche by majority decision to win the featherweight kickboxing championship. During round one, both fighters landed kicks that could be heard around the venue, but during rounds two and three, Troche showed signs of tiredness. Rodrigues capitalized on the opportunity and came out victorious.



The women’s kickboxing match between Nadia Humphries and Kuulei Estebillio was the fight of the night. Humphries had Bryanna Fissori in her corner and dominated all three rounds of the fight. Humphries let her hands go, and Estebillio had a hard time defending herself. A fan of Humphries said, “This girl (Estebillio) can definitely take some punches.” But, Estebillio definitely returned punches, despite Humphries obvious height and reach advantage. Humphries defeated Estebillio by unanimous decision.



Both Dee Jay and Joey Balai went all out in the first round of this kickboxing match. At the end of round one, however, Balai was able to land a punch square in Jay’s face. In round two, Jay got kicked in the groin twice but was able to shake it off. Round three went a little bit like round two with Balai getting kicked in the groin. When he got back up, a member in the audience noticed the look on his face and said, “Oh he’s mad, he’s mad.” But that anger was not enough as Jay defeated Balai by decision.



The kickboxing bout between Corian Reyes and Tofi Mika had both fighters going all out in the first round. Reyes was able to land a good punch in round one, but Mika answered back in round two as he let his hands fly. Reyes showed signed of tiredness in round three as he kept falling and leaning against the cage. Mika defeated him by split decision.



Round one of this Mad Skills bout went to Navada Harrison as he delivered a kick so hard that it knocked Bryce Kim onto the mat. In round two Kim was able to take Harrison down in the beginning and maintain control for the rest of the round. Round three showed both fighters equally matched as each tried to take the other down. Judges called this match a draw.



Jeremy Lorenzo defeated Marley Tau by unanimous decision in this Mad Skillz bout. Lorenzo delivered kicks to Tau’s side consistently throughout round one, and round two proved the same. During round three, Lorenzo was able to take down Tau twice. During the third take down, Lorenzo was unable to submit Tau.



During the kickboxing match between Zack Mederious and Dave Pereira, Pereira dominated during rounds one and two. But during round three Mederious got some head punches in that got the crowd going. Pereira defeated Mederious by unanimous decision.



The kickboxing match between Ian Hughes and Jon Cacas pit two equally good fighters against each other. Judges scored this match at a draw. Both fighters delivered hard kicks during round one, and round two saw hands flying by both, as well. By the time round three came around, both fighters were tired but still finished the match strong.



Kina Lester defeated Ikaika Barba by majority decision in this pankration match. Barba was almost able to get Lester into a rear-naked choke during round one, but Lester was able to get out. In round two, Lester turned the tables and almost got Barba into a rear naked choke, and in round three was able to maintain control of the round earning him he majority decision win.



The real action between Robert Aguirre and Darryl Dano in this Mad Skillz bout started in round two with Aguirre getting a huge take down on Dano. But in the latter part of the round Dano let his hands go. Aguirre was once again able to take Dano down in round three, but was not able to get him to submit.



Bryan Butteling and Joe Garcia both had great stand up game in round one. But in the second round Butteling was able to take Garcia down, and Garcia showed signs of fatigue. Round three proved a huge boost for Butteling who was able to take Garcia down early in the round and maintain control for the rest of the time. Butteling defeated Garcia by decision.



Joren Quiblan had a definitely height and reach advantage over Yano, and this was evident during all three rounds. Quiblan was able to use his reach to his advantage and dominated round one of this kickboxing match. He was also able to showcase his kickboxing skills in rounds two and three with back kicks sporadically thrown in. However, Yano was resilient and showed great defense and striking and defeated Quiblan by decision.



The bout between Chris Chu and Damon Turios was the only submission of the night. Chu was able to get Turios in a rear-naked choke in round three. Turios delivered a good head kick during the first round, but Chu answered with a kick of his own. During round two, Chu dominated with over five take downs.



Stuart Jones was able to keep control of all three rounds in the kickboxing match against Don Dela Cruz. Jones won by unanimous decision.



Pankration: Leon Klee def. Ian Dela Cruz by split decision

Featherweight Kickboxing Championship: Tony Rodrigues def. Jai Troche by majority decision

Women’s Kickboxing: Nadia Humphries def. Kuulei Estabillio by unanimous decision

Kickboxing: Dee Jay def. Joey Balai by decision

Kickboxing: Tofi Mika def. Corian Reyes by split decision

Mad Skillz Bout: Bryce Kim and Navada Harrison, draw

Mad Skillz Bout: Jeremy Lorenzo def. Marley Tau by unanimous decision

Kickboxing: Dave Periera def. Zack Mederious by unanimous decision

Kickboxing: Ian Hughes and Jon Cacas, draw

Pankration: Kina Lester def. Ikaika Barba by majority decision

Mad Skillz Bout: Robert Aguirre def. Darryl Dano by decision

Mad Skillz Bout: Bryan Butteling def. Joe Garcia by decision

Kickboxing: Yano def. Joren Quiblan by decision

Mad Skillz Bout: Chris Chu def. Damon Turios by rear-naked choke in round 3

Kickboxing: Stuart Jones def. Don Dela Cruz by unanimous decision

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