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Just Scrap Maui Full Results


Kendall Grove Def Joe Cronin via: 1st rd Submission “Darce Choke”

Tyler Kahihikolo Def Ikaka Martin via: 1st rd TKO Ref stoppage

Adam Akau Def Desi Miner via: Decision

Kimo Louis Def Ernest Kekino via: Decision

Kaanoi Kulukuluanlani Def Melonie Verzosa via: 1st rd TKO Ref stoppage

Chase Poco Def Tyler Leopoldino via: 1st rd TKO Ref stoppage

DJ Tadena Def Junior Casem via: Decision

Nathan Feitosa Def Keaka Dando via: 1st rd Submission “Guillotine Choke”

Noah Rivera Def Daisel Escobar via: 1st rd Submission “Rear-Naked Choke

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Destiny Unleashed Result’s

Toby Miesch Def Edward Matsuura Via: Second round KO “Head Kick” **145 Pro Title Fight**
Russell Doane Def Joshua Montoya Via: Forfeit “Fighter didn’t want to fight after midnight”
Rachel Ostovich Def Kari Lichtenwalner via: Second round TKO Ref Stoppage **135 Women Title Fight**
Louis Smolka Def Shane Pacarro Via: Second round Doctor’s Stoppage
Brandon Mina Def Zack Close Via: Split Decision **135 Interim Title Fight**
Ray “Bradah” Cooper Def Def Devin Taylor Via: Unanimous Decision
Jason Rivera Def Justin Konia Via: Third round TKO :56 **170 Title Fight**
Bryanna Fissori Def Christy Tada Via: First round TKO 1:21
Kevin Aguigui Def Dennis kam Via: First round ko :14
Geremy Martyn Def Danny Jones Via: Majority Decision
Keoni Diggs Def Derek Mahi Via: First round Submission :49 **Guillotine Choke**
Lawrence Collins Def Chase Montalbo Via: First round TKO 1:34
Elijah Manners Def Ricky Plunkett Via: Forfeit
Mark Tupas Def Richard Bernard Via: Second round Submission :32 **Rear-Naked Choke**
Sebastian Mariconda Def Brandon Machado Via: Majority Decision
Tony “The Tiger” Rodrigues Def Micah Abreu Via: Unanimous Decision **155 Kickboxing Title Fight**
Ryne Yoshimura Def Joshua Taber Via: Second round Submission **Rear-Naked Choke**
Jojo Gillaume Def Jared Gonda Via: Unanimous Decision
Cody Andrade Def Wolfed Borrows Via: First round TKO 1:01
Anthony Rivera Def Josh Cyprino Via: First round TKO 2:49
Kawika “Tipps” Martin Def Micah Ige Via: First round Submission 2:21 **Rear-Naked Choke**
***Pankration Fight’s***
Shane Bieven Def Bryce Kim Via: Second round Submission 2:21 **Rear-Naked Choke**
Walter Walker Def Ezekiel Gonda Via: First round Submission 2:31 **Arm-Bar**
Robbie Catley Def Keoni Chang Via: First round 2:37 **Arm-Bar**
Kai-Boy Kamaka Def Alika Baugher Via: Unanimous Decision
Zack Vea Def Robert Aguirre Via: Second round Submission 2:08 **Arm-Bar**
Elias Velasco Def Tristan Kamaka Via: Majority Decision
***Kickboxing Fight***
Joey Balai Def Charles Rego Via: Unanimous Decision

Result’s Courtsey of Hawaii Fight Scene and The Black Hawaiian

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Vendetta 3 Result’s

By Bryanna Fissori
Combat Sports Reporter

Vendetta III, held at the Waipahu Filcom on Saturday, March 3rd was a full night of entertainment. The card consisted of Pankration, Triple Threat and Kickboxing match-ups of many up-and-comers in the Hawaii combat sports scene as well as some veterans. The vast majority of the opponent pairings were fitting for the competitors skill level, despite fact that both Big Island and Kauai were also hosting events on the same night, which typically results in a smaller pool of competitors to pull from to fill cards. Overcoming that obstacle, the promoters for Vendetta secured 14 solid bouts for the evening.

Thank you to the fighters for a great showing in the cage.

140 Kickboxing
Tofi Mika (Total Control) def Stu Jones (South Oahu MMA) via Dec

140 Kickboxing
Nevada Harrison (Total Control) def Camile Bob (Island Thunder) via DQ

135 Pankration
Bryce Kim (South Oahu MMA) Def Justin Kahalewai (Neva Scared) via Dec

140 Kickboxing
Bryer Nagahama (02) def Thomas Reyes (Reyes Dojo) via Dec

140 Triple Threat
Josiah Horner (Van Ness) def Charles Rego (Total Control) via Dec

175 Triple Threat
Verdise Womack (02) def Mike Pu’u (Edwards MMA) via 3rd Rnd Sub.

190 Triple Threat
Aaron Rodrigues (HMC) def Spencer Quel (HSD) via 3rd Rnd Sub.

150 Pankration
Joseph Yeampierre (HMC) def Kai Kunimoto (Son Son Progre) via Dec

135 Kickboxing
Eugene Anguay (02) def Anthony Reyes (Reyes Dojo) via Dec

135 Triple Threat
Riley Iida (South Oahu MMA) def Adam Azimov (Van Ness) via Dec

185 Triple Threat
Lombard Madolora (Freelance) def Tony Lasit (Edwards MMA) via rnd 3 Sub.

125 Kickboxing
Kalai Kwan (02) def Jonavan Pitre (Total Control) via Dec

205 Triple Threat
Kenny Angelmire (CJ’s Gym) def Albert Cambra (Freelance) via rnd 3 Sub

160 Triple Threat
Allen Brown (Van Ness) def. James Reyes (Reyes Dojo) via Dec

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Downtown Showdown full Result’s by Bryanna Fissori

The “Downtown Showdown” Amatuer and Youth Kickboxing event was hosted by 6:11 Entertainment on Saturday, January 21, 2012. The stands filled with supporters as first timers and seasoned amatuers stepped into the ring to show their skills. The night was action packed from begining to end culminating in a heavy handed main event between Neale Johnson and Clem Halemano filled with vicous flurries and clenches which served to keep the crowd wondering if the fighters were about to turn the kickboxing match into a ground war. The split decision went to Halemano.

Proceeds from the fundraiser will serve to benefit “Facedown Youth Ministries” based out of International River of Life Christian Center in Waianae. The funds from the will be used to help subsidize travel, hotel, transportation, food and misc. expenses for the group’s upcoming Christian Camp held annually in California in June.

70lbs Raven Tampos/ Goddhey Jacalne- Exhibition

105lbs Dillon Moniz/ Miko Medina- Moniz via Dec

125lbs Naz Harrison/ Joey Balai- Exhibition

185lbs Ikaika Hoskins/ James Reyes- Hoskins via Dec (Pankration)

135lbs Bekkah Medina/ Devena Samuela- Exhibition

165lbs Keith Woods-Stevens/ Akoni Faumuina- Exhibition

135lbs Rob Catley/ Stuart Jones- Catley via Dec (XMA)

95lbs Kaimi Tampos/ Blazen Rocili- Exhibition

130lbs Jareen Maru/ Jamie Chung- Maru via RNC rnd 1 (Pankration)

70lbs Chance Ceno/ Kauhi Tomas- Tomas via Dec

140lbs Nevada Harrison/ Thomas Reyes- Reyes via Dec
165lbs John Burgess/ Russell Rivero- Rivero via Dec

135lbs Tofi Mika/ Brenon Nash- Nash via Dec

185lbs Neale Johnson/ Clem Halemano- Halemano via Dec

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BJ Penn.com Presents Just Scrap Full Result’s

***MAIN EVENT*** Chad Thomas Def Paea Paongo via: First round TKO Ref stoppage from Strike’s

***CO/MAIN EVENT*** Joey Gomez Def Robby Ostovich via: Third round Triangle Choke

***MAIN CARD***  Lavelle Brown Def Jason Soares via: First round TKO Ref Stoppage

Wayne Emche Def Keola Arakaki via: Unanimous Decision

Louis Pauole Def Jordan Timbal via: First round Ref Stoppage from Strikes


***UNDERCARD***  Kiko Nacimento Def Eddie Wine via: First round Rear-Naked Choke

Ashton Castro Def Varaha Mims via: First round Rear-Naked Choke

Adam Collarile Def Ranson Hamilton via: First round TKO Ref Stoppage from Strikes

Michael Pereira-Thompson Def Jonah Aiona via: Third round TKO Ref Stoppage

Nat Rowland Def Chris Miranda via: First round TKO Ref Stoppage from Strikes

Awson Barozo Def Stetson Kaholo via: Third round Ref Stoppage from Strikes

Kevin Villanueva Def Stevan Rojo via: First round Tap out


Kamuela Mamone Vs Gary Durguran

Angel Sellers Vs Ricky Mamone

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Mad Skills & Fight Girl’s Live Result’s

Stuart Jones def. Don Dela Cruz by unanimous decisio

Chris chu def. Damon Turicos by rear naked in round 3

Bryson Yano Def Joren Quiblan by decision

Bryan Butteling def Joe Garcia by decision

Robert Aguirre def Darryl Dano by decision

Kina Lester def Ikaika Barba by majority decision

Ian Hughes and Jon Cacas Fought to a draw

Dave Pereira def Zack Mederios by unanimous decision

Jeremy Lorenzo def Marley Tau by unanimous decision

Bryce Kim and Navada Harrison majority draw

Tofi Mika def Corian Reyes by split decision

Dee Jay def Joey Balai by decision

Nadia Humphries def Kuulei Estabillio by unan dec

Featherweight kickboxing championship: Tony Rodrigues def Jai Troche by majority decision

Leon Klee def Ian Dela Cruz by split decision

Result’s Courtesy of Nicole Kato

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